Inspectors say they found rodent droppings in a bag of open rice at Maria's Tacos N More at 5127 Ella. They told employees to discard the whole bag. Maria told us she did toss it, but she said the black specks are not what inspectors thought they were.

"You don't think that was rat poop?" Davis asked the owner. "No," she answered.

"What would the little black pieces be in the rice?"

"I don't know," said Maria. "I know there's the other animals, the small animals."

"Like weevils?" Davis offered. "Yeah," she answered. "You think that there were bugs in there?"

"Yeah," Maria said. She explained that she thinks the rice was already contaminated when she bought it at the store.

At May's Ice Cream at 9260 Bellaire, inspectors observed mice droppings on the floor in a storage room.

They saw roaches on the drink machine pipes at the McDonald's at 9555 South Post Oak Road.

Hartz Crispy Chicken at 9418 Almeda Genoa Road was written up for several violations including black residue in the ice machine, no hot water and cockroaches in the kitchen.

They also noted roaches in the food preparation area of Los Tios Mexican Restaurant at 4840 Beechnut.

Our A+ this week goes to Pinewood Cafe at 6104 Hermann Park Drive. The cafe that shares the parking lot with the Houston Zoo had a spotless inspection.