This week's Restaurant Report Card is taking you on a culinary tour of downtown. Not exactly the "best of," but restaurants you'll want to know about.

Craving Cajun? You could head to RKG New Orleans Cajun Po-Boy at 648 Polk Street. When health inspectors stopped by, they found biscuit mix that was gnawed on by rats. The inspector snapped pictures of rodent feces on a bag of beans, on top of canned goods and on the floor of the pantry. Inspectors closed RKG until employees cleaned it up about five hours later.

"You admit that you guys did had rodent feces that needed to be cleaned up?" KPRC Local 2 reporter Amy Davis asked RKG's manager, who said his name was Ray.

"No. Roach droppings, not feces. Droppings," he replied. 

Feces, droppings, whatever you want to call it, inspectors said it shouldn't be on your beans.

At the Post Oak Grill inside 1111 Louisiana, inspectors took a picture of live cockroach activity in the dishwashing area and rodent feces on the dish machine.

The last stop downtown may leave a bad aftertaste. Inspectors condemned 42 pounds of corn chowder and beans at Massa's Seafood Grill at 1331 Lamar because they said the food was held at improper temperatures overnight.

North of downtown at Sarita's Taqueria Drive-in at 10305 Bauman, inspectors said they found a roach on a wall and a bulk container of rice contaminated with moths.

At the Khaty Seafood Market at 15834 South Post Oak, the inspector said he saw cockroaches, droppings and roach eggs in the seams of the walk in coolers and on top of an ice machine.

There was a live roach in the kitchen at Hank's Cajun Crawfish at 10800 Bellaire; and another one on the wall in Master Wok inside the Galleria.

At the Kroger at 1520 Eldridge Parkway, inspectors said they found weevils on a store shelf with the rice.

It's all good at the Weslayan Cafe in the 2900 block of Weslayan and the Queen Donut Shop at 1803 West 18th. Both earn A's in this week's Restaurant Report Card.