A bold guest streaks across a restaurant during a health inspector's visit and even private country club's health reports are public in the Restaurant Report Card.

Keeping up with the health code can literally be a rat race at the Combo Seafood Restaurant at 5727 Rampart. An inspector closed the place when he said a mouse ran across the floor between him and a waitress at the main front counter. The employee on duty when KPRC Local 2 stopped by didn't speak English and a manager she put on the phone told consumer expert Amy Davis she was calling the police. Cops never showed up, and hopefully the mouse won't either. The owner told inspectors he called an exterminator.

At the upscale Briar Club on Timmons, inspectors said they saw a live roach in the main kitchen.

Inspectors said they quarantined a cooler at the Amazon Grill at 5114 Kirby for keeping food up to 20 degrees warmer than what the health code deems safe.

Inspectors said they found a container of pork sitting on the ground at El Paisa BBQ at 9360 Richmond.

Roaches were seen in the kitchen of Pizza Aroma Cafe at 6285 Bissonnet, inspectors said.

Our A+ this week goes to the Buffalo Grille at 1301 South Voss for a spotless inspection.