We've got a double helping in this week's Restaurant Report Card. Health inspectors said they found roaches inside the food at two Houston restaurants.

At the Mayuri Indian Restaurant at 5857 Westheimer near Fountainview, inspectors said there were rodent droppings on top of the containers of rice and seasonings and a dead roach inside a container of sliced almonds.

Inspectors said the roaches inside a container of uncooked rice were alive at the East Wall Chinese Restaurant at 9889 Bellaire. All 90 pounds were condemned.

Inspectors said they found more than the advertised "surf and turf" at the Popeye's at 12436 Bissonnet. They said the roaches and rodents were not on the menu.

"They said they found dead and live rodents and roaches all over the restaurant. What can you tell us about that?" consumer expert Amy Davis asked the Popeye's manager.

"No, they didn't find them all over the restaurant," she replied.

The manager told Davis the restaurant was in the middle of a remodel when the inspector stopped by. The manager said that the roaches the inspector saw were in the bathroom where all of the pipes and plumbing were ripped out.

Davis asked about the rodent mentioned in the report.

"They did see a dead one out back," the manager said. "There's a field back there. You can look back there and see every time they try and cut the field down and everything, they're coming out."

Davis checked and she did see the nuisance neighboring lot as well as 10 rat traps outside of the restaurant.

Inspectors said they found brown slime in the ice machine at the Whataburger at 2820 Chimney Rock.

At Chili's at 3215 Southwest Freeway, inspectors said the slime was accumulating in the ice machine but it hadn't changed colors.

We're giving A's this week to Sonoma on Richmond near Kirby and Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge at 6800 Southwest Freeway.