They eat without paying and they scare off the guests. The type of diners some restaurants are attracting are not good for business.

At La Union restaurant at 9575 Wilcrest, rats are literally eating the place up. City of Houston health inspectors said they observed a gnawed hole in the ceiling and another one at the corner of the floor juncture and the wall in the store room.

At Roland's Swiss Bakery at 9434 Katy Road, inspectors told employees to clean up the rodent debris under the shelving of the dry food storage area and the shelving where utensils are kept. Employees at Don Pico's Mexican restaurant at 2110 Bay Area Boulevard are making roaches right at home. Inspectors wrote "conditions of premises affording the harborage of cockroaches."

At Taco Rey, a truck parked at 63 Berry Road in north Houston, an inspector observed a cockroach run across a cutting board.

At Vincenzo's Italian Grill at 12510 North Freeway, inspectors said they spotted roach activity near the utility room, employee restroom and the reach-in cooler.