Sugar, slime, wine and roaches -- which of these things do not belong?  The answer may depend on where you're dining.

When health inspectors stopped by the Royal Restaurant at 11919 Bissonnet, they said they saw dead roaches in a container holding 75 pounds of sugar. There were also dead roaches on the lids of flour and sugar containers and the ice machine. Live roaches were on the wall in the food preparation area.

Owner Jaffar Ali may have been surprised to see Local 2 consumer investigator Amy Davis when she walked in, but he said he didn't have anything to hide. Ali said he has the place exterminated twice a month, but doesn't know what caused the recent infestation.

At the Olive Garden at 2750 Highway 6 South, inspectors said they spotted a live roach near the dishwasher. 

There were roaches around the hand sink at Pho Vinh at 10910 Fuqua, inspectors said.

At the Shahnai Restaurant 5920 Hillcroft, inspectors said they tossed a bulk container of some sort of spice covered with small insects. 

Inspectors said there were drain flies buzzing around the storage room and the bakery at Rice Epicurean on Memorial. 

When inspectors dropped by The Tasting Room in Uptown Park, they said they found black slime in the ice machine. You might remember the slime was clear and tan when inspectors wrote the place up back in December. Hopefully the wine bar cleans it up this time.

Want some good options for dining out? Check out Pronto Cucinino on Town & Country Boulevard or the Panda Express at 5767 Hollister. Both restaurants earn A's for spotless inspections in this week's Restaurant Report Card.