Rodents, roaches and weevils: It's what's not on the menu, but it is what health inspectors found at some Houston restaurants recently.

Inspectors snapped pictures of rodent feces on a cutting board, a roll of paper towels and a vegetable slicer at Epicurean Express at 2018 Rusk. Inspectors ordered the owner to close down temporarily to clean it up.

When Local 2 consumer investigator Amy Davis stopped by the downtown deli, an employee, who said he wasn't the owner or a manager, showed her around the kitchen and store room area to prove they had cleaned up the rodent filth. He said the rats came from a neighboring building.

"A rodent problem occurred all of a sudden when they started construction next door," he explained to Davis.

Inspectors said they saw a roach in the kitchen of Friend's Pizzeria at 7952 Westheimer.

Inspectors said they saw multiple cockroaches and roach droppings inside Pho Vinh at the 10910 Fuqua.

Roaches were found in the storage rack at the Coronita Grill at 12270 Westheimer, inspectors said.

Two roaches were found near the floor drain in the bakery of the Kroger at 5150 Buffalo Speedway, according to inspectors.

In March, we told you inspectors found "major roach activity" at Droubi's Bakery & Deli at 7333 Hillcroft. It seems those pests are gone, but inspectors said they returned to find weevils in the flour and a dirty machine crusted with dough residue.

Inspectors said they found drain flies in the area where they make your salad at Goode Company Seafood at 10211 Katy Freeway.

Maybe you like sprinkles on your donuts, but you probably wouldn't order the "black slimy residue" inspectors said they found around the soda nozzles at the Shipley's at 3410 Ella.

Inspectors said they discovered more black slime in the ice machine at Wings N More on the East Freeway near Uvalde.

Inspectors haven't been back to Sandwiches & Stuff off the Sam Houston Parkway near Westview since their May visit, but owner Nguyen Trinh and his wife invited KPRC Local 2 back to set the record straight.

"I think something a little bit unfair for us," Trinh explained.

The health inspector noted that the restaurant needed to take effective measures to minimize rodents, flies, cockroaches and other insects. The only problem, Trinh said the inspector didn't find all of those things.

KPRC Local 2 followed up and the health department confirmed its new inspector wasn't clear on her report. She only has documentation of flies coming in through a back door that was open for a delivery and one dead roach. Trinh said he takes responsibility for those issues and he has corrected the problems

This week's A's go to Raspado Xperts at 6637 Long Point and Joe's Deli Kolaches at 14104 Hempstead Road.