Mama wouldn't be happy with this week's Restaurant Report Card -- Mama Ninfa, that is.

When health inspectors stopped by the Ninfa's on Memorial Drive, they said they found a live roach in the kitchen.

The manager told KPRC Local 2 that inspectors came the day after the restaurant was fogged and that sometimes the pests come out of hiding just before they die. When we stopped by, the roaches were either dead or hiding because we didn't see any. 

Just a note: None of the Ninfa's restaurants you see around Houston are owned by the original family of Mama Ninfa. They were all sold off to corporations and individuals who bought the rights to use the Ninfa name.

Inspectors reported more roaches this week at Tony's Seafood on Tidwell near Mesa.

At Cafe 99 at 10730 Kingspoint, inspectors told employees to clean the shelf above the sink and the food prep table to "be free of dead roaches and roach droppings."

Employees at Palazzo's at 2620 Briar Ridge called an exterminator when inspectors saw a few live roaches and evidence of roaches in a sink and a storage area.

You might not want to reach for a toothpick at the Honduras Mayan Cafe and Bar at 5945 Bellaire. Inspectors said they found new and used toothpicks in a plastic container at the restaurant.

The fried shrimp weren’t crispy at Market Seafood on El Camino Real in Clear Lake. Inspectors said dripping condensation above the battered shrimp contaminated it. They tossed about half a pound. 

If you're looking for an excellent restaurant this week, you can drop into the Istanbul Grill and Deli in the 5600 block of Morningside Drive. Inspectors didn't find a single violation at the restaurant.