If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! That's how the old saying goes, but if you're a cook you can't exactly leave.

Inspectors said the cook at the McDonald's at 8920 Clearwood was "sweating profusely from his head, nose and face" while he was preparing hamburgers. They wrote the problem was "corrected" on site.

Employees at Christa McAuliffe Middle School had to set traps in the kitchen after inspectors found two large rodent droppings behind cooking equipment there.

Master Wok in the Galleria got written up again, this time for cooling pasta in an ice bath in a dirty sink. We featured Master Wok for roaches in September, roaches and rodents in May and black slime in February.

At Lam Bo at 6159 Westheimer, inspectors said they say saw live roaches under a beverage table and dead roaches on a counter and the floor under the food prep table.

The worst offender this week is Wok D Lite at 10904 Fuqua, where inspectors said they saw live roaches in the food preparation area and inside a container of rice. KPRC Local 2 caught up with the owner when she was opening the restaurant. She told us bugs are normal.

"Restaurants, they have everywhere ... even your home has a little bit bug," she said. "So it's a very tiny one, so we throw it away and then we bleach everything. You know, everything is clean."

KPRC Local 2 wanted to confirm and take a look around inside Wok D Lite. The owners said the station could come in if we gave her 5 minutes to open the restaurant. But when we knocked on the door 5 minutes later, she left us out on the cold.

There was orange slime in the ice machine at Collina's at 3835 Richmond, according to inspectors.

Inspectors said they found drain flies in the bar at Eddie V's on Kirby.

On our "A" list this week: Epicure Cafe at 2005 West Gray and Ranchero King Buffet at 5900 North Freeway. Kudos to both spots for spotless inspections.