Restaurant Report Card for Feb. 2: Violations at hospitals

Published On: Feb 02 2012 12:43:37 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 02 2012 06:34:44 PM CST

Two hospitals are on our list this week, but not for their work in the operating room.

At Memorial Herman Southwest, health inspectors found two ready-to-eat sandwiches two days past expiration. They said they watched an employee take an uneaten Jello cup off of a patient's food tray and put it back in the refrigerator.

At Methodist Hospital, the apple sauce in the fridge was 14 days past expiration.

When you check into the Houston Hilton on Post Oak, you might expect fine dining. Instead, inspectors observed two roaches on the wall near the dishwashing machine.

At Tai Loi at 12320 Bellaire, inspectors asked employees to clean up all of the dead roaches in the food preparation area.

Taqueria Los Reyes at 4901 North McCarty is taking slime to a whole new level. The health inspector wrote "I ran my hand along the inside of the ice machine and got a handful of black slime."

But don't lose your appetite because inspectors said three restaurants are doing it right this week. Subway at 7800 Long Point, the deli at Costco on I-10 at Bunker Hill and Thai Bistro at 11660 Westheimer all earned A's in this week's Restaurant Report Card.