Finding out what health inspectors found at two tempting shopping mall eateries may help you trim your waistline, and double-dipping customers earned a local bakery a violation.

Restaurants on wheels keep health inspectors on the go, but this week two taco trucks had more than just inspectors scurrying.

At Pollo Monterrey, parked at 16282 Imperial Valley, inspectors said they saw dead and live cockroaches in the unit.

 At 10602 Bauman, Taqueria Mi Jalisco contained "cockroaches of more than one generation."

It may also be a family affair at Pho Chin at 9457 Kempwood because inspectors said they saw "dozens of roaches on the countertop under aluminum foil in the kitchen." They observed small roaches at Jenny's Chinese To Go at 2939 Walnut Bend.

The next time you're at the mall and the smell of that Cinnabon makes you crave a carb-loaded, frosting-laden pastry or a gourmet chocolate bonbon, you might remember this: At the Cinnabon and Godiva Chocolatier, both in Willowbrook Mall, inspectors found rodent droppings.

At Kraftsmen Baking at 611 West 22nd Street, inspectors asked employees to get rid of the gnats. They also observed a customer double-dipping bread samples into the oil and spice mixtures on the counter.

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