Rats, roaches and old food. It's not what's on the menu, but it's what health inspectors found at restaurants across Houston.

Do you use a smell test? Or how do you know when it's time to toss food in your fridge? The health code says seven days is the maximum time allowed to keep prepared food before it must be discarded at restaurants. But at Ousie's Table at 3939 San Felipe, inspectors said employees were keeping prepared food for eight days.

At Lenny's Sub Shop at 9150 South Main, inspectors said there was not any hot water and there was a dead roach on the floor in the food prep area.

Joy's Cafe is inside the office building at 6633 Hillcroft. It's where inspectors said they found sewage backed up in the kitchen. The owner said she didn't think the backup was sewage, but she had the slow drain in the floor repaired.

There were rat droppings on the floor of the storage area in the Parisian Bakery & Cafe at 8200 Wilcrest, according to inspectors.

Inspectors said there was an actual rat sighting at the Citgo at 3902 Bellfort. An inspector said he saw a rodent run into the wall behind the beverage counter.

Speaking of beverages, inspectors said they found mildew inside the ice machine of El Rey on the Katy Freeway at Bunker Hill.

We're serving up A's this week for perfect inspections at Buon Appetito at 2231 West Holcombe and Home Style at 5808 Cullen.