If you're looking forward to dinner and a movie this weekend, you've got two reasons to take a look at the businesses in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

When health inspectors stopped by AMC 30 Gulf Pointe cinema on the South Sam Houston Parkway near Interstate 45, they discovered cockroaches and gnats in the concession stand, soda room and in the cabinets around the hot water heater. You might check your drink, too, because inspectors found what they described as "black build up" in the shoot of one of the ice machines.

KPRC Local 2 wanted to take a look behind the counter, but the cinema manager told us we'd have to call the corporate office. We did, but no one called us back.

At Blake's Bar-B-Q and Burgers at 2916 Jeanetta, inspectors said there was a cockroach in the pantry and roach debris on the floors and shelves.

There were more roaches at Falafel Factory at 914 Prairie, inspectors said.

Inspectors said they found small roaches in the kitchen of Lam Bo Chinese Buffet at 6159 Westheimer.

The sushi restaurant by the name of "How Do You Roll?" in the downtown tunnel at 914 Main Street was rolling with no hot water. Inspectors closed the place until they could get it back on.

Frank's Grill at 5901 Clinton Drive had dried rodent droppings on food storage shelves and on top of the dish machine. Inspectors said there was also brown slime on the chutes of the ice machine.

At First Seafood Market at 7111 West Fuqua, inspectors found 30 pounds of fish, chicken and five cases of eggs at 85 degrees inside an obviously broken cooler.

If you haven't lost your appetite, you can grab a bite at the Subway at 5770 Hollister. Health inspectors found no violations at the restaurant. It's why we're giving the Subway an "A" in this week's Restaurant Report Card.