Restaurant Report Card for April 4: Off-temperature food

Published On: Apr 09 2013 03:47:03 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 05 2013 10:39:08 AM CDT

A movie theater with creepy crawlies and mold growing on your condiments --it's just a taste of what we're featuring in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

The Cajun Stop at 2130 Jefferson brags it was voted the "best Po-boy in Houston," but city health inspectors dinged the dive for letting raw shrimp reach a dangerous 71 degrees. They said the boiled crawfish also was not hot enough.

"She said it either has to be super hot or under 40 degrees," said Cajun Stop's owner Lisa Carnley of the inspector.

Carnley explained the food inspectors found quote "on the floor" was actually in boxes. The food had just been delivered before the inspectors dropped in.

At AMC Willowbrook Theaters on Tomball Parkway, inspectors said they saw baby roaches crawling on a wall in the kitchen.

There was mold growing on the surface of the sweet and sour sauce at Los Chinos Ricos at 2833 Gulf Creek, inspectors said.

Employees at Panda's Chinese Buffet at the 249 West Greens got a "final, final notice" that employees handling food must wear gloves.

In the Heights at Onion Creek at 3106 White Oak , inspectors said the eggs and chili, both sitting at room temperature, were potentially hazardous.

We hope you like subs because this week we've got A's for Quizno's at 3171 West Holcombe and Subway at 9466 Hammerly.