Restaurant Report Card for April 26: Roaches at school

Published On: Apr 26 2012 05:12:10 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 26 2012 10:53:34 PM CDT

The school cafeteria is a restaurant if it's where you have to eat five days a week, and what inspectors found in one school kitchen lead consumer investigator Amy Davis to include it in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Maybe you look back on your days in the school cafeteria fondly. You may have had a favorite pizza day or hamburgers. Whatever it was, we bet it was nothing like what inspectors found at Sherman Elementary school on Jensen on the city's east side.

Inspectors said they saw cockroaches behind the oven, under the freezer and near the sink.

A Houston Independent School District representative said the issues were addressed the day after the inspection and the school has since passed.

The AVJ Food Store at 3205 Noble gets a "fail." Inspectors noted a small cockroach crawling in the sink and "roaches smashed along the door seals of the microwave." 

There were gnats at Bar Valentino at 2525 West Loop South, inspectors said.

Inspectors said flies were buzzing at Doneraki's at 2836 Fulton, at the joint KFC and Taco Bell at 919 Federal Road and in the produce department of the Fiesta at 12201 East Freeway. 

Inspectors also said a produce employee was working at the Fiesta with an open cut on his hand. 

At the McDonald's inside Texas Children's Hospital, inspectors had to ask an employee to wash his hands after touching his "body part." We asked. The inspector said it was his face. 

At Rockefeller Hall at 3620 Washington Avenue, inspectors said they found rodent droppings in the dish machine.

We're serving up A's for perfect scores this week to the Pei Wei at 14008 Memorial and Grille 5115 inside Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria.

At the start of this school year, we showed you the schools with the best and worst inspections. You can check your child's own school anytime online.  To find the City of Houston health inspection report for your child's cafeteria, click here and enter the name of the school.