Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, rodents & slime

Published On: Mar 08 2012 03:35:59 PM CST   Updated On: Mar 08 2012 06:36:05 PM CST

From a doughnut shop to an upscale department store café, this week's Restaurant Report Card has a little bit for everyone. We also threw in a couple of non-restaurants because they were just too gross not to.

The Khyber North Indian Grill at 2510 Richmond had a roach problem with a health inspector stopped in. She said she saw one live roach in the kitchen and another one near the steam table. 

And if that wasn't enough to make you lose your lunch, breakfast isn't looking too good, either.

At Long John's Donuts at 60 East Crosstimbers, inspectors observed "many live roaches in a mop bucket behind cooking equipment."

Don't let the name fool you. They've got the same problems at Uptown Kolaches and Donuts at 7917 Westheimer. Inspectors said there were dead and live roaches in the kitchen and store area.

We're taking you off the restaurant beat to show you what health inspectors found inside the Stop N Drive at 8318 Broadway. The inspector asked employees to clean in the cabinet underneath the soda machine and to clear out the old, dry rodent carcass.
At the King Dollar at 1511 West 18th Street, inspectors found rodent droppings on a candy display.

At Neiman Marcus Cafe in the Galleria there was pink, tan and clear slime on the chute of ice machine.

Inspectors closed the Little Caesar's at 5700 West Little York for not having hot water.

At Doneraki's at 2836 Fulton, inspectors told employees to take effective measures to minimize the presence of flies.

Inspectors observed pink slime inside the ice machine at the Starbuck's at 4081 Westheimer.

There was black slime on the ice machine deflector shield dripping onto the ice at Gabby's BBQ at 4659 Telephone Road.

In the deli of  Jack's Grocery at 9900 Old Galveston Road, inspectors observed two live roaches under the grinder and few dead ones on table.

There is good news if you're traveling and you're hungry. The Papadeaux's inside Bush Intercontinental Airport got a spotless inspection. If you're famished from shopping, you can duck into The Daily Grill inside the Galleria. Both places earned As in this week's Restaurant Report Card.