Protect Pets

Published On: Dec 06 2011 10:30:47 AM CST   Updated On: Jan 10 2011 02:15:58 AM CST

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services offered the following tips.

Inside Pet

Outside Pet



Rat, Mouse Poisons

Remember that cold temperatures require animals to burn more calories to stay warm. You may find you have to increase your pet's ration of pet food until the weather warms up. Be sure the pet still has plenty of clean drinking water that does not freeze.

If your pet gets too cold, bring him into a warm area. Do not use extremes like hot water to thaw toes and ears and do not rub any frozen areas. This could cause more harm to already damaged tissue.

Contact your veterinarian or take the pet to an emergency clinic as soon as possible. Keep telephone numbers for your vet and a local emergency vet clinic in a convenient location.