Poll: Obama would beat Romney in fistfight

Age seemed to make the difference to respondents

Published On: Sep 14 2012 06:42:36 AM CDT

If the presidential election were more like "Fight Club," which candidate would win?

A survey conducted by Esquire Magazine and Yahoo! News found the overwhelming majority of people gave President Barack Obama the edge over Mitt Romney.

Fifty-eight percent of respondents said Obama would give Romney a beat down, while 22 percent said Romney would be the victor.

Twenty percent had no opinion.

Most said the president's age stat gave him the advantage. Obama is 51 years old, 6 feet, 1 inch tall and about 170 pounds, according to the survey.

Romney is 14 years older. He stands 6 feet, 2 inches, and his weight is unknown.

Both men were known to work out.

But Esquire pointed out that President Obama was more likely to play aggressive sports like basketball while Romney was known for his devotion to his elliptical machine.