Police officer accused of stealing out of department's refrigerator

Officer Kevin Yang suspended, charged with theft

Published On: Feb 21 2012 06:50:37 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 21 2012 07:08:45 PM CST
DEER PARK, Texas -

A Deer Park police officer has been suspended after he was caught in stealing from the department's refrigerator, according to the police chief.

When things began disappearing from the fridge at the Deer Park police station, the complaints ended up on Chief Gregory Grigg's desk.

"I know there were officers that had items stolen over a long period of time. I heard about it probably last May," said Grigg.

The thefts may have been minor, but the perpetrator was likely a police officer, along with the victims.

"It does make you angry. You're in a place where people have sworn to uphold the law," said Grigg.

The chief set up a sting. Investigators placed a hidden camera at the refrigerator and stocked it with cans of Monster Energy drink. In November, investigators said Officer Kevin Yang was caught taking the bait.

Yang did not admit guilt, but the video landed him a 30-day suspension.

"I think it will be a long time before we have anything missing out of the Deer Park Police Department refrigerator after this event," said Grigg.

Yang's suspension will cost him about $4,500 in lost pay. He's also facing a misdemeanor theft charge.