Police are investigating a string of robberies at an office complex in southwest Houston.

Tenants at an office complex at 8113 Southwest Freeway are watching their backs more than usual after several robberies.

According to the management company, a man hid in a bathroom before robbing some tenants, so they've started a campaign to lock all restrooms in the complex.

"I feel a little more secure in our office because we have a keypad. But I know not everybody is so fortunate. You really have to be careful," said Destiny Wesley, a tenant at the complex.

The Houston Police Department held a town meeting Wednesday to help educate tenants about crime prevention safety and awareness. Police told tenants to be aware of their surroundings and offered some unique advice, such as not texting while you walk. Police said there's no way you can know if someone is coming up behind you when you're distracted with your phone.

Tenants were also urged to look out for each other and to trust their instincts. Police said if something's not right, it's better to report it to the courtesy officers of call the police.

The investigation into the robberies is ongoing.