A woman has been accused of hurting her disabled mother.

Lisa Moya, 27, has been charged with injury to a disabled individual.

Houston police said Moya's mother, who is disabled because of dialysis treatments on her left arm, went to Moya's apartment with two friends on June 9. They wanted to spend the night in the apartment, officials said.

Moya told the group to leave, investigators said.

Police said the mother told them that Moya became irate and tried to punch her. Moya then grabbed her mother's left arm, which she knew would cause pain, police said.

The mother tried to call police, but Moya took her phone away, detectives said.

The mother said that Moya's sister tried to stop Moya from hitting her and ended up being punched in the face, police said. Detectives said the punch was intended for the mother.

Investigators said that she thinks Moya was high on Xanax and drunk at the time of the incident.

Moya was booked into the Harris County Jail on Wednesday. Her bond was set at $2,000.