Police: Student approached at Austin Parkway Elementary during recess

Fort Bend ISD say young male suspect made "inappropriate contact" with student

Published On: Mar 27 2013 10:42:14 PM CDT

Parents, students and Fort Bend ISD police are all on alert after a young male suspect made what's being called "inappropriate contact" with a first grader during recess at school.

Fort Bend ISD investigators said the young man approached the child at Austin Parkway Elementary in Sugar Land last week and made the inappropriate contact.

Local 2's Keith Garvin reports there are no visible barriers separating part of the playground from the roadway.

Authorities aren't saying how old the suspect might be or what the inappropriate contact was, but parents like Lisa Davis and their kids are concerned.

"That is pretty alarming," said Davis. "If word gets out and everybody talks to their kids, and has their kids aware of strangers and not talking to strangers, hopefully they'll catch the guy."

"There shouldn't be people like that out there," said Robert Davis, a fifth grader at Austin Parkway Elementary.

After the incident, parents said they will be having important conversations with their children at home.

"Not talking to strangers, and if he (Robert) does have somebody approach him, to just run away and tell the teacher right away," said Lisa Davis.