KATY, Texas -

A teacher and two teacher's aides have been accused of disciplining special needs students to the point of danger.

According to Katy Independent School District administrators, a teacher and two aides at Exley Elementary soaked cotton balls in vinegar.

The teacher, Pam Manning, has been accused of putting those soaked cotton balls in students' mouths as punishment.

"They're really the most vulnerable type of kid out there," parent Carol Rutar said.

Rutar's 11-year-old son is autistic. He was one of the eight students in the teacher's fifth-grade class.

"It's just unacceptable," Rutar said. "I think they capitalized on the fact that they're not going to make any waves about this.

Katy ISD officials said the allegations came to light when someone called the district to report something she said she saw first-hand.

"The things that these folks have been alleged to have been engaged in were not approved by the parents, were not condoned by the school district," spokesman Steve Stanford said. "That is why they have been removed from the classroom and we have taken the steps that we have."

The teacher's aides have been fired. Manning has been removed from the classroom.

Katy ISD police conducted an investigation into the allegations and has forwarded its case to the district attorney's office.

Catherine Masha, the president of Katy Autism Support, said she is concerned about discipline techniques being used in schools everywhere.

"If I tried to put a cotton ball in your mouth right here, I'd be charged with assault and battery," Masha said.