Dozens of people protesting big business moved their demonstration Friday.

Hundreds of people with Occupy Houston protested in downtown Houston Thursday. They marched from Market Square Park, 301 Milam, to the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower, 600 Travis, to speak out against corporate greed, a sagging economy and high unemployment.

Some protesters spent the night at Hermann Square in front of Houston City Hall, 901 Bagby. They were allowed to stay there as long as they did not set up tents, start fires or smoke.

The protesters were told they had to leave the park by Friday afternoon because the Bayou City Arts Festival needed to set up.

"We decided that we would step aside from Hermann Square in front of City Hall and let them do their thing and not cause any trouble or anything like that," Occupy Houston organizer Dustin Phipps said. "It's a win-win for everybody."

Some of the artists sympathized with what the group is doing.

"They were great," artist Brenda McMahon said. "I'm totally cool with what they're doing. They were actually set up in my space and we said we need the space and they moved out."

Friday's group of protesters dwindled down to about 40 people.

The group relocated to Eleanor Tinsley Park.

"Occupy Houston is a local expression of the global movement to end the corporate corruption of our democracy," organizers said in a press statement. "It is a volunteer-organized effort providing infrastructure and support for Houstonians to exercise their First Amendment rights."

Occupy Houston is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, which has accused big business of putting America in a financial mess. Protesters are asking supporters to close accounts in major banks and to move money into credit unions. They also want reforms to campaign finance.