Less than 24 hours after a mother was reunited with her four missing children, police were called to their house and arrested a man involved in a fight.

The two children came running out of the house pleading for someone to call 911 as Local 2 reporters arrived.

Their calls for help were due to a fight inside their home involving their uncle and another man. The uncle came out of the house bloodied and took off. The kids, their mother and a third man not involved in the fight, jumped into a car and took off.

A few minutes later, police showed up and handcuffed a man for his involvement in the fight.

Investigators are trying to figure out exactly what is going on and track down the children's father, Noe Soto-Aranda who led police on a high-speed chase Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Soto-Aranda met up with his wife's brother and gave the children to him. He is still at large.