New federal requirements issued for play yards, play pens

Published On: Jun 27 2012 05:51:34 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 27 2012 06:09:56 PM CDT

After decades of recalls and more than a dozen infant deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has passed new federal requirements to make play yards and play pens safer for children.

Many baby products are handed down from one family to the next, which means even when the new standards take effect, the play yard parents are using might not be the safest.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved mandatory play yard standards preventing some side rails.

The new standards also apply to second-hand play pens and play yards, meaning no one is allowed to sell an old one that doesn't meet the new federal guidelines, whether it's in a resale shop, online or at a garage sale.

The new federal requirements take effect in December.