New app helps detect concussions

Published On: Oct 31 2012 02:24:34 PM CDT   Updated On: Nov 02 2012 06:16:07 AM CDT

A new tool is helping coaches and parents take the guessing game out of concussions.  The Psychological Test Publishing Company has created an app for smartphones that uses a checklist to quickly recognize concussion signs and symptoms.

The app shows you the 12 danger signs that need emergency attention, such as vomiting, dizziness, fatigue or double vision.   There is a button built in to call 911.  You can save all of your information into your profile, follow instructions to know what do next, and take a picture of the person.

Missing the signs of a concussion can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

"There's something called second impact syndrome and a lot of children actually end up in wheelchairs or actually die due to second impact syndrome and what that is is when a concussion is not seen and then they send them back into play, get another hit in the head, and you know," said Justin Smith of the Psychological Test Publishing Company.

The Concussion Recognition & Response App costs $3.99.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to concussion research.