A woman has been charged in connection with her child's death

Toni Tavarez, 22, has been charged with injury to a child.

Houston police said Tavarez's 19-month-old daughter was taken to Bayshore Hospital on June 18 and was later transferred to Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital.

Detectives said the toddler suffered multiple skull fractures and brain swelling.

The toddler was declared brain dead on June 19 and died after being removed from life support on June 20, according to court documents.

Police said Tavarez told them during an interview on June 19 that she found her daughter unresponsive, vomiting and convulsing at her home on June 18.

Tavarez talked to police again on June 27 and told them she may have snapped or blacked out and unintentionally caused her daughter's injuries, investigators said.

Detectives said Tavarez showed them how she hit her daughter's head on a dresser. She said after she did that, she laid down on a couch, according to court documents. Tavarez said another one of her children woke her up and she later got in the shower and tried to revive her daughter, investigators said.

Marc Teal, Tavarez's boyfriend, said he was outside playing with two of Tavarez's other children, when the toddler was hurt. He said he ran inside when he heard a commotion.

"That's when I get in and see Toni holding the baby," Teal said. "It just seemed lot she woke up from a deep sleep."

Teal took Tavarez and child to the hospital.

According to court documents, doctors determined that the toddler's injuries were not from being hit against household furniture. Doctors said the injuries the child suffered were consistent with "multiple enormous impacts to the back of the head," according to court documents. "The force required for the massive skull fracture was that equal to a fall at approximately 60 mph," court documents read.

According to court documents, police interviewed Teal, who she had known for about eight months and lived with for three months. Investigators said he told them that he has seen Tavarez abuse her children.

On Thursday, Teal said he trusted Tavarez with his daughter.

"If you'd have seen them, she was like anybody else," Teal said. "I'd have my daughter around sometimes, and my daughter loved her. It's hard to envision her doing anything like that."

Children's Protective Services has a case that was opened in March 2012 because of allegations that Tavarez had abused her children.

Tavarez is being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at $100,000.