A mother accused of telling her teenage daughter to a fight says she was just trying to talk to another parent.

Kimberly Holleman appeared in court Thursday. The judge ordered her to stay away from the girl she's accused of encouraging her daughter to fight.

Harris County sheriff's deputies said Holleman and a group of men went to the home of a 13-year-old girl on Saturday and told her teenage daughter to attack the young girl.

Investigators said the fight was over a disagreement between the girls about a boy, but Holleman said that's just not true. She also said she never took her daughter to fight the girl.

"I was never telling my daughter to fight. I went over there to talk to a parent. They came over to my house first, and that's what happened," said Holleman.

As far as the reason for the fight, Holleman said investigators have that wrong, too.

"It's not over a boy. It's about bullying at school. It had nothing to do with my daughter in the beginning. It had to do with her best friend. They were bullying her," said Holleman. "I'm very upset. They're ruining my name, they had my daughter on the news handcuffed without my consent. So yes, I'm very upset."

Holleman has been charged with injury to a child.