A retired Los Angeles police officer claims a Texas Parks and Wildlife Enforcement boat, occupied by two officers, hit his boat, causing more than $5,000 damage.

"I could see it written on both of their faces. They made a mistake but they didn't acknowledge it," Darryl Brown said.

Brown claims the low-speed collision took place on Clear Lake near Kemah September 24.

"I have been trying for seven months to get them to take responsibility," Brown said.

Local 2 investigator Joel Eisenbaum phoned the state agency. Maj. William Skeen put it plainly.

"We did a follow up investigation," he said. "We were unable to verify we caused the damage. The Harris County D.A.'s office says there is nothing to it."

KPRC Local 2 verified that the Harris County District Attorney has declined to bring charges against the two officers.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department acknowledges the officers did stop Brown to check his fishing license that day.

"I'm prior law enforcement. What's my motivation for contacting anyone if nothing happened? That is an insult to my integrity and an insult to me personally. It just doesn't make sense," Brown said.

The retired officer can still pursue a damage claim through the state of Texas.