A man was arrested after two girls said he tried to lure them in his car by asking for help, according to authorities.

Pasadena police said 31-year-old Marlon Humberto Garcia is accused of enticing a child.

Garcia was arrested after he targeted two girls in the 400 block of Delta Street, police said.

Investigators said he approached the two teenage girls claiming he needed help and asked for a phone.

"It's a wonderful relief. It's my daughter. And I don't want it to happen to someone else's child," said the mother of one of the girls. "He tried to get her into the car with him. He was trying to coax her into the car and take them wherever they wanted to go."

Police said Garcia offered drugs to the girls and touched both of them on their bottoms.

The mother of one of the teenagers said the girls helped police identify Garcia in late December.  

Investigators said there could be other victims involved in other cases.  If you know of any other possible victims, call the Pasadena Police.