Flames erupted from a Montgomery County home after lightning struck late Thursday afternoon, according to officials.

Firefighters responded quickly after a 911 call reported that the roof was on fire.

"It was shocking," said Taylor Baumann, who was studying when the lightning struck. Fire investigators believe it hit directly over the 17-year-old’s bedroom.

“I heard this pop. It didn’t really sound much like lightning, though I probably heard it scraping the roof. I didn’t think much of it,” he said.

Taylor said he and his mother saw smoke 15 minutes later. His mother immediately grabbed his two younger brothers as Taylor called 911. Then they ran outside together.

All that remains is charred furniture and a water-damaged home.

One important item that did survive: A shadow box of flags, metals and patches representing Taylor's father’s 20 years in the Air force. Although it was upstairs where most of the flames were, it was untouched by the damage.

How happy is Mr. Baumann?

“Very. It was one of the first things I went up to look [for] and with the ceiling caving in. I wanted to make sure it was okay," said Baumann.