During closing arguments, a prosecutor told jurors that the case is not about Chad Holley or his character. The prosecutor said, "You must decide whether fired HPD officer Andrew Blomberg mistreated Chad Holley alone or with a party, which he knew was unlawful by striking Holley with his foot. And was it justified?"

The defense said prosecutors did not prove their case and Blomberg was entitled to a not-guilty verdict.

"This is the right thing," Deguerin said. "Andrew Blomberg is truly a hero. He's kind the kind of officer I want protecting me."

The jury was asked to answer the questions, "Did Mr. Blomberg, acting alone or as a party, intentionally subject Chad Holley to mistreatment that he knew was unlawful by striking Chad Holley with his foot? And if he did so, was he reasonable? Was he justified in using that force?"

District Attorney Pat Lykos said she disagreed with the verdict.

"We are prepared to go to trial on the remaining three cases and request the court to set speedy trials," she said.

Former officers Drew Ryser, Phillip Bryan and Raad Hassan are expected to be tried later this year.

"I wish them the best of luck," Blomberg said. "They're all my brothers, and I wish them luck."

"They will never again be Houston police officers," Parker said.

Wednesday night Blomberg was spotted at the 100 Club Banquet, an event In Southwest Houston honoring local police and fire fighters. He looked relaxed as he smiled and laughed with friends. Blomberg was there with his attorney.

"Mr. DeGuerin asked me to come, I accepted and I'm very honored," he said.  

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland and Mayor Annise Parker made it very clear on Wednesday that Blomberg will never work as an officer in Houston again. 

Blomberg told KPRC Local 2 he'd like to work as an officer somewhere one day.

"I think so. I love the job, that's all I can say right now. I loved it." Blomberg said.

Blomberg also addressed the accusations that this incident and the verdict were racially motivated.

"It wasn't," he said. "We were chasing a burglary suspect that was running from us, that was it."