When the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care act as constitutional this past week, what wheels did that decision set in motion for Texans and specifically those of us in Southeast Texas?  A panel of health care experts joins Khambrel Marshall to talk about the affects of the decision and how it will help or hurt health care policies and programs in one of the largest and best medical communities in the United States.

Joining Khambrel are Dr. Spencer Berthelesen, the chairman of the board and managing director of the Kelsey Seybold Clinic. 

Lovell Jones, PhD, is the director of the Center for Health Equity & Evaluation at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Dr. Jones is also the co-chair of the Biennial Symposium on Minorities, the Medically Underserved now under way in Houston at the Hilton Americas Hotel.

Also on the panel, Professor Patricia Gray from the University of Houston Law Center. She is a former state representative and former Special Assistant for Health Policy, office of the President at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Tune in to hear a conversation free of political spin, about the pros and cons of the Supreme Court decision and what it means for the future of health care in Southeast Texas.

Also this week, the number of child drownings in Texas so far this year is alarmingly high. More than 35 in the state with 10 of those in Harris County.  Why are the Southeast Texas child drowning deaths so high? What can each of us do to make sure our children stay safe near the water this summer? Kristine Meyerson is the director of aquatics for the YMCA of Greater Houston and joins Khambrel to provide plenty of advice for children, parents and guardians about the best ways to keep you and your children safe this summer.

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More Information:

·      Dr. Spencer R. Berthelesen, MD Chairman of Board, Managing Director-Kelsey Seybold Clinic, 713-442-0000, www.kelsey-seybold.com

·      Lovell Jones, PhD, Dir. Center for Health Equity & Evaluation, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, 713-792-2121, www.mdanderson.org/cheer

·      Professor Patricia Gray, University of Houston Law Center, Former Special Asst. for Health Policy-Office of President UTMB, 713-743-2100, www.law.uh.edu

·      Kristine Meyerson, Director of Aquatics, YMCA of Greater Houston , 713-659-5566, www.ymcahouston.org

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