"Montessori School of Downtown has all services necessary to maintain a healthy and safe environment, including, but not limited to, pest control. Our school has a certified food manager on site at all times and is serviced for pest control quarterly. If there are ever any bug sightings, we call our service company and they always respond very promptly. They are very thorough in their inspections and spray each and every classroom as well as the cafeteria and offices. If they need to come out in between scheduled servicing, they always include the cafeteria as well, just because they are there and to be very diligent in preventing any unwanted bugs. The pest control company serviced this school for the quarter on Sept 2, 2011. The health department came to the school for their annual inspection the morning of Sept. 13, 2011. We notified our pest control people about the few roach droppings that were found immediately and they came to spray again the same afternoon ... Sept. 13, 2011.The health department is very thorough as well; if there was a serious issue they would be visiting our school on a much more frequent basis than annually. I am attaching a copy of the scheduled service as well as the follow up service. Please note the technicians remarks stating that "it is not unusual to see dead roaches after a technician has treated".


"Serving safe, nutritious and quality food is our top priority. HISD Food Services has ongoing, rigorous training and quality assurance processes to ensure we meet very high standards for each of the 270,000 meals served daily in the district?s 284 school cafeterias.

"HISD Food Services has an internal Department of Quality Control/Assurance that conducts comprehensive food safety inspections at each campus throughout the school year. Additionally, the city of Houston Health Department inspects each campus a minimum of two times each school year. These proactive inspections are reported weekly for follow-up and potential issues are immediately addressed and corrected. All cafeteria managers are certified in food safety by the city of Houston Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, while not required by the city of Houston, the majority of all food service employees are also certified in food safety.

"The District regards the Quality Control inspections as an extremely valuable tool in assuring the safety and well-being of all students."

Brian Giles Senior Administrator, Food Services Houston Independent School District