Few things in life are more alluring than the crisp pop of firecracker. That is exactly why Houston Fire Department inspectors are watching firework stands to make sure the city's ban on fireworks is enforced.

"We let them know the city limit, they're banned in the city limit," said Clinton Graham, who works at a fireworks stand off Highway 6 and Clay Road.

Not everyone listened to Graham's advice. Local 2 Investigates spotted at least one patron buying fireworks at the stand located in Harris County and then driving into the city of Houston. If a fire inspector had been watching then, that person could have received a hefty fine and had their fireworks confiscated.

Even if a person never opens the package, it is still illegal to possess fireworks in the city of Houston. Fines run anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

Fire department officials report 47 citations have been issued since June 30.

Fire department officials also said if a minor is caught with fireworks their parent or guardian will receive the ticket, even if that person did not know their child was playing with fireworks.