A grand jury has indicted a Waller man on capital murder charges for last month's killings of his parents and his brother, Local 2 Investigates reported Tuesday.

The grand jury started considering evidence and testimony Tuesday, including a confession that 22-year-old Trey Sesler gave to police after his family was shot to death on March 20.

The grand jury returned its indictments after the Waller County Courthouse had closed for the day.  He now stands charged with three counts of capital murder.

Sesler told sheriff's deputies that he killed his mother, Rhonda Sesler, first and then turned the gun on his older brother, Mark Sesler.  He told police he killed his father, Cy-Fair School teacher Lawton Sesler, last.

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said Trey Sesler had ongoing friction with the father, which focused partly on his lack of employment while playing video games as he was living at home.

Also Tuesday, investigators revealed new clues that were discovered on the laptop computer that was confiscated by police when Trey Sesler was arrested.

Investigators said a forensic examination of that computer showed that Trey Sesler had accessed satellite images from the Google Earth web service, focusing in on pastures and fields.

The computer also showed that Trey Sesler had accessed Google Earth images of a vacant home on Brumlow Road in Waller County, which he admitted to investigators he had set on fire last year.

One investigator assigned to the case said he apparently wanted to see if his handiwork was visible from satellite pictures on Google Earth.

The home was vacant when it was torched using gasoline, but firefighters contained the blaze in one half of the structure, according to deputies.

The computer also confirmed for investigators that Trey Sesler was fixated on serial killers and mass shootings, investigators revealed on Tuesday.

The computer showed that Trey Sesler had studied volumes of articles and accounts of the Columbine school shooting and the Virginia Tech killings.

Smith said, "What's amazing is that he can quote specific dates, times and the names of students who were shot and in what order. He's not a stupid guy."

While investigators expressed concerns from the start about Trey Sesler's desires to carry out his own Columbine-style mass shooting, Smith confirmed that the laptop computer did not reveal a specific target or a detailed plot.

"Not one school or business" was highlighted in (Trey) Sesler's history of searching Google Maps from his personal laptop computer," said Smith.

Now that indictments have been returned, Trey Sesler will be scheduled in the coming weeks for his first court appearance before Waller County District Court Judge Albert McCaig, Jr. in the 506th District Court.

Trey Sesler remains in the Waller County Jail on a $500,000 bond.