An article in the Houston Chronicle is giving Houstonians reassurance that the Bayou City is better than Dallas.

KPRC Local 2 asked people if Houston or Dallas is better. Houston was the overwhelming answer, of course.

The 1980's TV drama "Dallas" put the Interstate 45 rivals on the map. The show is coming back Wednesday night.

Even without a namesake show, man Houstonians feel Houston is better than Dallas, and the numbers seem to prove it.

More people have chosen to live in Houston over Dallas. According to the 2010 census, 2,00,451 people live in the Bayou City compared to only 1,197,816 in Dallas.

Houston has the second largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, with Dallas in third.

As far as billionaires go Dallas has 17 compared to Houston's 13.

When it comes to food, Houston is no doubt the hands down winner.

"People eat out more than in Dallas, so we have a better selection of restaurants and we're nicer," said Houstonian Jeanette Schlinger.