Mayor Annise Parker announced on Thursday that the City of Houston will build a bridge over the railroad tracks on Bringhurst Street near Sumpter in the Fifth Ward.

The bridge will give pedestrians and cyclists a safe place to cross the tracks. The bridge is being built in partnership with the Gulf Coast Rail District and TxDOT. 

Neighbors have been calling that area dangerous for a while. Several years ago, an eighth grader had his foot severed while trying to cross the tracks when a train was stopped on them. A few years before that, another student suffered the same injury.

The tracks are located just two blocks away from a school.

Odis Ward has lived in the area for 41 years and remembers the accidents well. 

"The train would just be sitting there and it's a pain for the kids to get back and forth," said Ward. "It really is a struggle for kids to get home and to school everyday."

Local 2 cameras caught several people, including kids, trying to cross the tracks on Thursday while a train was stopped.  In a matter of minutes, two men crawled underneath the cars to get across and a young boy wearing a backpack crawled over them. 

The Gulf Coast Rail District secured a federal grant for the project, the city funded the design and will oversee the construction. It is expected to start next year and be completed in 2015. The estimated cost is $1.3 million.