"It's so hard to penetrate them because they don't see themselves as victims. They think the pimps are their boyfriends. Once they do realize what has happened to them, there is so much shame, but they have to understand they are not the one at fault," said Zack.

How the United States is fighting back

There are more than 20 million victims around the world, and the impact of this crime is being felt in the United States.

During Obama's speech at this year's Clinton Global Initiative, he outlined a three-point plan to combat the problem of human trafficking with the United States.

"We’ll strengthen training, so investigators and law enforcement are even better equipped to take action -- and treat victims as victims, not as criminals. We’re going to work with Amtrak, and bus and truck inspectors, so that they’re on the lookout. We’ll help teachers and educators spot the signs as well, and better serve those who are vulnerable, especially our young people," Obama said.

Obama also discussed plans for recovery programs to help restore victims into survivors. His third point highlighted technology and the Internet.

"We’re encouraging tech companies and advocates and law enforcement -- and we’re also challenging college students -- to develop tools that our young people can use to stay safe online and on their smart phones."

How you can fight the problem

There are several local agencies making it their mission to fight human trafficking within Houston. Match your passion with a purpose. If you would like more information on these organizations click on the links bellow.