Houston businessman accused of embezzling almost $400,000

Published On: Feb 12 2013 04:29:51 PM CST

A businessman has been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company he partially owns.

Robert Gutierrez, 45, was arrested Tuesday at an office park in the 6900 block of Brittmore near Valens.

Houston police said Gutierrez is a minority partner in Houston Heat Treat. He has been accused of stealing more than $390,000 from that company over a three-year period.

"The owner of the business audited the company's books, brought in an external auditor," Sgt. John Shirely said. "They noticed a lot of unusual transactions going through the business. Found emails and such backing up their suspicions that he'd been stealing from the company."

The office park where Gutierrez was arrested is the location of a new business he is in the process of opening.

Gutierrez is being held in the Harris County Jail with bond set at $700,000.