A man uses a baseball bat to fight off two intruders, but he gets a surprise when he unmasks one of them.

It happened about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at the complex on Arboles Drive near Chimney Rock Road.

According to police, two masked men armed with a knife broke into the man's condo with the intention of robbing the place.

That's when the homeowner grabbed his bat and started beating the intruders, investigators said.

"We were in a middle of a struggle. I reached up and grabbed his mask. I knew who he was," the victim said.

Both men, injured from the beating, ran from the scene, detectives said.

According to police, one of the men lost his ski mask.

He was identified as Matthew Kirshner, 32.

Kirshner lives on the other side of the complex and barricaded himself inside his home, police said.

Within minutes, Houston police SWAT officers surrounded the building.

"I'm just glad the dude didn't get away with it. I hope you can trust your neighbor," John McDaniel, a neighbor said.

McDaniel said he watched as heavily armed SWAT tried to talk Kirshner into surrendering.

After nearly an hour of negotiating, officers rushed into the front door and one of the officers used his taser.

Kirshner, injured from both the beating with the bat and the taser, was taken to the hospital and then into police custody.

"if your own neighbors are going to do something like this, who do you know to trust?" McDaniel said.

Police said they have leads on the suspect who got away and hope to soon make an arrest soon.