A maintenance man shot a man during an argument at a southwest Houston apartment on Wednesday.

Houston police said Michael Jolivette, 32, went to visit a relative at the Summerset Landing Apartments, 6161 Reims Road, and left a pair of trousers on an electrical box. Officials have not said why Jolivette left the trousers there.

When Jolivette went to get the trousers, they were gone, investigators said.

"He accused the maintenance personnel of taking the pants and and an argument began," Sgt. M.D. Moses said.

Jolivette and the maintenance man argued for about 30 minutes, police said. After Jolivette screamed and pounded on the maintenance man's truck, the maintenance man pulled out a gun and shot Jolivette in the foot.

Jolivette was taken to a hospital for treatment. He has since been released.

Officials have not said if the maintenance man will face any charges.