Since the bombing in Boston, security at other events has been front and center.  Houston is no exception.  Large crowds are expected at the MS 150 bike ride and the International Festival this weekend.  Local 2 has learned that security will be increased.

"Those are target rich environments," said Governor Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Ridge was in Houston Tuesday night speaking to students at Rice University about his life of public service and leadership but given his background, many people wanted to pick his brain about what happened in Boston. 

Ridge made it clear he doesn't have any clue who is behind the attacks.

"My mind has changed a couple of times, so I've decided not to speculate," he said. 

Ridge also said he wasn't surprised the terrorist or terrorists chose the Boston marathon because it's an event that draws thousand of people to a public place with fairly easy access. 

"Do we as a country say we're going to reduce the number of these events?  I don't think so because when we change that we change what we love and enjoy about this country and then they win," he said.

Ridge is confident in our nation's law enforcement and said in a post September 11th world they've dramatically improved their ability to respond and react to these kinds of incidents.

"Everything that can be done is being done," he assured.