Thieves dragged a good Samaritan in a mall parking lot after he tried to save a woman's stolen purse.

The victim, who asked that Local 2 protect her identity, was eating inside Memorial City Mall Friday night when someone stole her purse and took off.

She said, "I felt a little jar on my chair and looked up and saw someone running down the mall with my purse in their hand.  I jumped up and screamed, 'My purse.'"

Michael Sparks knew something was wrong when he saw a young man walk out of the mall with a purse. 

Sparks told Local 2, "When the guy ran out of the mall, he had a purse in his hand.  Eighteen to 20 year-old guys don't have purses in their hand.  I noticed something was wrong and tried to speed off and I, being stupid, tried to jump through the window and get them; but I hurt myself instead."

Sparks said the thieves dragged him, bloodied his leg and ran over his foot.  Sparks served in the U.S. Army and trained to be a hero.

The victim said the thieves got away with her credit cards, money and phone.  She reported the crime to Houston Police.