The first freeze warnings of the season are beginning to pop up in parts of the United States.

No, there is NOT a freeze warning for the Houston area.  The cool front that came through Tuesday night will bring temperatures in the 50s in outlying areas by Thursday morning (low 60s in the city). This is a far cry from frost or freeze conditions here.  However, in the northern tier of states frost and freeze warnings are already beginning to pop up, signaling the onset of fall and sweater/coat weather.

Freeze warnings for Wednesday night were in effect for parts of New York and New England, as temperatures will tumble into the 20s overnight.  That's about 20 degrees below normal for the folks there.  Over the past couple of days, freezing conditions have already been recorded in northern Minnesota and North Dakota.  Leading the pack, International Falls, Minn., dropped to 20 degrees Wednesday morning!

While we'll likely have temperatures dip below freezing at least a couple of times this winter, we've got a long ways to go to catch up to our neighbors up north.  Until then, let's enjoy the brief fall preview we're experiencing, as temperatures drop into the 50s and 60s overnight.

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