The father and aunt of a boy whose throat was slashed by his mother went to court Tuesday to fight for custody of him, officials said.

More than a week has passed since Michael Spurlock, 5, was found covered in his own blood. He is in an intensive care unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital and could be there for at least another month, officials said.

Michael's mother, Daphne Spurlock, remains behind bars on an attempted capital murder charge.

According to investigators, the mother sliced her son's throat with a kitchen knife and stomped on his head and chest, crushing his chest cavity. Spurlock confessed to police that she was trying to rid her son of demons. Detectives said Spurlock also told authorities she was very religious.

The boy's father was not home at the time of the stabbing, but when he arrived, police said he called 911.

Child Protective Service took emergency custody of Michael.

In Tuesday's hearing, Michael's father and aunt fought for custody of him. Children's Protective Services said they don't think the father will be able to keep Michael safe, so workers will conduct home studies on two relatives -- the aunt and an adult sibling -- to determine if they will be able to care for Michael during his recovery. That process is expected to take 30 to 45 days.

CPS officials said they were working to coordinate a visitation schedule at the hospital so that a relative is always by Michael's side.