Drug similar to LSD found in Friendswood

25i-NBOMe found in tablet form

Published On: Jun 18 2012 06:55:04 PM CDT

Friendswood police believe a dangerous drug similar to LSD is being sold at Houston-area rave parties.

The designer drug, called 25i-NBOMe, was found on a teen who was arrested on May 27.

Michael Palmer, 18, was arrested with ecstasy, bath salts, and 44 tabs of what appeared to be LSD.

Lab results showed that the tabs were actually 25i-NBOMe.

According to Friendswood police, 25i-NBOMe has several side affects, including:

Police said the drug is often a dark-colored powder that can be smoked or snorted, although it was found in tablet form by Friendswood police.