Premiere Houston fashion designer Chloe Dao will soon travel to Vietnam for a new gig.

Dao has announced she will be a judge of "Project Runway Vietnam". Dao will not only critique contestant designs, but also be the show's co-executive producer.

Dao brings her expertise as an internationally renown fashion designer as well as her experience as a contestant and winner of the U.S. "Project Runway" in its second season.

Contestants will have to opportunity to work with Dao as she mentors select challenges throughout the series.

“As a Vietnamese-American, I am honored to be able to represent both cultures in the fashion industry," said Dao. "I’m excited to be a judge and not a contestant this time around. I am also extremely excited to see what Vietnamese designers bring to 'Project Runway'.”

The designer will be in Vietnam from March 20th through April 30th.