A 13-year-old boy led police on a chase before it ended in a crash on a northeast Houston street, Houston police said.

Investigators said an officer got a call about a suspicious vehicle about 6 p.m. Monday. When she tried to pull the black pickup truck over, officials said the young driver sped off. Police said the officer chased the driver, who ignored traffic laws.

"He was running stop signs," said Houston Police Sergeant Tom Wallace. "And, he ran this stop sign and struck a citizen in their vehicle."

Wallace said the impact caused the teen to lose control of the truck and slam into a fence on Pickfair Street. Police were able to grab the teen before he could run away. Now, a family is left to clean up the mess in their yard.

Sources told Local 2 the suspect was 13 years old.

Police believed the boy may have been tied to other crimes. Wallace said he may be a possible burglary suspect.